Blue Sky Tipis are a tipi and tent hire specialist who deliver our clients their perfect individual event. With our HQ in North London, we offer a totally bespoke service to each customer dependent on their needs. We are a trusted, flexible, friendly business and people come to us because they want to host a unique and special occasion. From corporate events, weddings, festivals, parties, seasonal markets, and fairs – we provide short and long-term hire and are happy to travel nationwide. At Blue Sky Tipis, we do not believe in hidden costs, which is why all our prices are clear, upfront and without scary surprises!

We enjoy holding your hand through the whole process and will provide you with a key list of trusted suppliers from our "Little Blue Book".

You are in safe hands, we give you peace of mind so you can concentrate on the exciting build-up to your event.

Why.... Because we have been there! From our experience, any excitement pre-event was often replaced by stress, complication and bad organisation. This is why our mission is to make sure you enjoy not only the day but the whole process - from the initial enquiry, right through to the day after the event.

If you want choice, flexibility and individuality - our beautiful Tipis are the perfect way to put your day on the map!

You can link the tipis to each other to create your ideal event space, enabling you to have as many guests as you would like.

These magnificent structures can be appreciated from a distance and up close. They are weather and wind proof, keeping you dry in the winter months (or the great British summers) and shaded when its hot. Our Big Hat Tipis are made using natural materials and are all designed and manufactured in Britain. We actively choose and support businesses that are local and are always very sympathetic to our surroundings.

The Canvas

The Canvas

Our tipi canvas is a durable outdoor professional grade fabric. Being breathable, extremely waterproof, weather resistant, and moisture regulating – makes it perfect during the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. It is also stable, sun protective and colourfast!
The Poles

The poles

The 80 year old Scandinavian spruce timber poles are light and strong, de-barked and rot-resistant making them the perfect solution for outdoor structures. The tipis are as stable as marquees in high winds as they have huge load-bearing strength and can be erected on all types of soft and hard surfaces.
The Canvas

The flooring

Our DandyDura® matting is made from polypropylene, is in keeping with the tipi look, non-absorbent and strong.

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The Canvas

One tipi

From £1,520
The Canvas

Two tipis

From £2,990
The Canvas

Three tipis

From £4,485
The Canvas

Four tipis


Our Big Hat tipis measure 10.3m in diameter and comfortably seat approximately 70 people each. You can lift the sides of the tipi to create an entrance, or to enjoy your surrounding view. We have lots of suggested floor plans showing ideas of how you can set up your event. The tipis can easily incorporate dance floors, a band and a stage too. If more than one tipi is required, we link the tipis to one another creating one amazing space to hold as many people as you need!

We offer special rates for longer term rentals. Please contact us for a no obligation conversation and quote

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The burning questions ...

Can the Tipis go anywhere?

Yes! We always carry out an onsite assessment to make sure, but our tipis can go on soft and hard land.

What about the weather?

Our tipis are tried and tested in all weathers. From high-winds, rain, and sun they are water proof, strong and durable – so can be used in any weather.

How long can we hire them for?

As long as you would like! We offer special rates for longer term rentals. Contact us for a no-obligation conversation and quote.

Can you help with the venue & suppliers?

Absolutely! When you book with us, we will pass you our "Little Blue Book" of key trusted suppliers and suggested locations. OR, you can find your own unique venue and suppliers if you so wish.

How much time do we need to book?

Any time!